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Everyone Can Be Credit Healthy - Everyone!

My experiences made me very passionate about understanding the credit reporting system and how it affects us all as consumers. Knowledge and specific actions that we now share with our clients saved me from headaches and hardships. We invite you to browse through our site, see what we've done, and feel confident that we can help you too.
Our commitment is to teach you Financial and Credit Literacy. We'll coach you through it.
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Because everyone can be credit healthy - everyone!

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  • Diane Brown Sm After overcoming the majority of my debt problems, thanks to Elizabeth Karwowski and her wonderful staff at "Get Credit", I decided to try one more time to make a home purchase….Today I am a proud homeowner. My kids and I would like to know we appreciate all your hard work, late nights, time and effort in making our biggest dream come true.
  • Philipe Trouquet This was a very good solution for me. They (Get Credit Healthy) explain their system on how to get credit healthy. That was very important.

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In the world of credit and credit repair, the return to healthy credit for those with bad credit, starts with reading and understanding your credit report.

Who knew?

A 2013 Federal Trade Commission report found that  “1 OF 5 consumers had errors on their Credit Reports that could result in less favorable terms for loans.“ They went on to say, ”Consumers should check their Credit Reports for free using”

Beyond the scope of this FTC study, negative credit that lowers your credit score can have a greater impact on your life than having to pay more for a loan and/or restrictive credit access. Potential employers often “pull” a credit report summary that can determine your job worthiness or even an internal promotion. Landlords use reports from the three major Credit Bureaus to judge suitability for tenancy.  Public utilities, cable companies, cell and Internet providers all want to know who your creditors are, how much you owe and your payment history before providing their service to new customers.   As the FTC reports, errors that are listed on your Credit File are a major cause for consumers not being able to access effective credit. Credit coaching begins with reading your annual free credit report to discover errors. From there you can create credit solutions and work with your creditors and Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) to fix the problem.

It is not always an easy task and patience is required to move forward. Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that consumers need additional help beyond access to their free credit report.

For those of you looking for answers, we offer a free credit consultation.  Besides reading your annual free credit report, our offer just might be the second most important credit decision you make.

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