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The process has really worked for me.
Ciera A. – 04/17/17 CHICAGO, IL
Thank you for all of your help.
Jerry P. – 04/17/17 WAKEMAN, OH
Very professional and thorough.
Reggie Y. – 04/17/17 CHARLOTTE, NC
Great job you guys!
Brian M. – 04/10/17 CHICAGO, IL
The work completed for GCH is excellent and I'm really satisfied. Especially with my credit coach Yudith
Ramon P. – 3/13/2017
Thank you for the information and for helping me get to my goal. Keep up the good work.
Jose C. – 3/13/2017
I am very pleased with the work that Get Credit healthy has done. I did not think it was possible to get my scores up so high. I appreciate all that you guys have done. Thank you Carlos
Carlos C. – 3/9/2017
I have been happy with Get Credit Healthy services because they have helped me to get my scores up. I am recommending you guys to my family.
Jessica S. 3/7/2017
I have received all the help that I needed.
Timothy T. 3/10/2017
I want to thank you guys for all the work that have been done on my file. I really do appreciate the monthly updates and education on how to manage my credit.
Idalia U. 3/9/2017
The service was great!
Angie R. 3/8/2017
It was so fast the process!
Brian S. – 3/8/2017
Melissa has been great to work with.  She has helped me out alot during this process and I appreciate all her hard work.
Ruben E. 2/16/2017
You guys are superb. I have done everything you have asked me to do and my scores have gone up.. Everyone at GCH is so nice even down to the person that always picks up the phone. I want to thank you for working so hard on my credit.
Dennis I. Feb/4/2016
I did want to take a moment to thank the staff for all the hard work.
Christopher C. Dec 30th 2016
I've met many of my  goals and made positive headway. The company and staff are great to work with. Thank you for your diligent services that has been provided.
Carl D. Dec 12 2016
I really appreciate get credit healthy's assistance in obtaining my credit goal and counseling sessions.
Samuel S. October 11 2016
Thank you for your assistance in getting me on the right track with my credit.
Rochelle C. October 11 2016
This program has significantly changed my life and I am great full!  Thanks for all your help!
Nadia A. Oct 10 2016
Thank you for helping me with my credit needs as I have reached my credit score goals. Much appreciated.
Daniel M. October 10
Thank you for what you did to help me and I would recommend your services to others as I appreciated the good coaching and help that I got from your company.
Sylvia D. August 31 2016
I came into this program with a low 600 score and extreme amounts of disputes from my college days.  With the right help from Get Credit Healthy my score is now above 700 and I am in a position to get financing for a new home when we decide to buy. I could not have done it with our your awesome team!
Joanna M. August 16 2016
     Thank you so much for all your help in getting my credit report "cleaned up" and back on tract. You have helped my family so much in reaching our goal. We are now able to move forward and keep our credit in a positive position to reach our financial goals. We have had a lot of hard knocks but, we are still going. Our bankruptcy was not from frivolous spending but because of illnesses and hard luck. However, we have mastered what we had to do to have a new beginning and a better bright future.
     We feel at this point you have gotten us to a point that we can move forward and everything will work out in a positive manner.  Thanks again for your help and support we are truly grateful.
Christie P. July 29 2016
I AM A HOME OWNER, all because of Get Credit Healthy. Thank you for everything you all have done. I had my doubts because I didn't think you all could help me because my scores were so low. Thank you Nancy for everything you did to get me where I needed to be.
Joe G. July 27 2016
With the help I got from you guys I was able to finance 2 vehicle and just close on our brand new home on June 1 2016, thanks for everything.
Aaron S. July 15.2016
I am very happy with my credit progress. I started a month and a half ago, I've never ever seen my credit score past the 600's. It is now at 623 and I am so stoked from the progress. Good job and thank you.
Homer A. July 12 2016
I am very satisfied with your services. Thank you for all you have done.
Maritza J. July 8 2016
My credit is now in great shape, really appreciate all of your help!
John M. June 30 2016
I have got approved for a home loan thanks for your help and support.
John C. June 22 2016
I have achieved my goal and now is time to move forward. I would like to thank my coach for staying on top of things for me and helping me get to my goal.
Ricardo B. March 19 2016
You've helped a ton thus far. Thank you.
Zach K. May 10 2016
Thank you for your help. You did exactly what you said you were going to do. I appreciate what you have done.
Lori S. April 5/9/2016
Thank you for your excellent service.
Michelle L. April 22 2016
I appreciate everything that you have done. My scores have greatly improved.
Jennifer P. April 20 2016
Your services are great. I have recommended you to my colleagues and my family.
Matt P. Jan 4th 2016
It's just been a joy to work with her in this whole unfortunate process that we had to go through. She has been very patient, understanding, and detailed in what the process is. We really appreciate that as we have had no prior knowledge how to deal with any of this. We don't have bad credit, something was not reporting. The whole process that we have gone through, no one is willing to help, we get the run around. Katya has been a ray of sunshine in this dark process. I feel safe with her. She is definitely getting us to were we need to be.
Jennifer S. 12/15/2015
"We were very happy with Katya. We were able to be on the fast track and purchase our home."
German O. 12/17/2015
Thank you so much, you did an excellent job.
Todd S. 12/16/2015
I am very happy with your service. You have helped me out a lot.
Luis V. 12/10/2015
I would like to thank you for the great service you provided. From the constant email/verbal updates to the actual service of making sure my credit reports were completely accurate the whole experience was awesome!!! I am closing on my house tomorrow and there is nothing else on my credit at this point. Thank you,
Anthony P. 12/4/2015
You changed my life! I never knew a company like this existed. You were a pleasure to work with. Thank you.
Debra H. 11/11/2015
You guys have done a great job, You’re really good. Thanks
Matt P. November 5, 2015
The help has been great and I have my score where it needs to be.
Korey A. November 4, 2015
I am please to inform you that I have reach my goal on my credit score. Thanks to you I thank you so much for what you did for me
Julios S. November 4 2015
Hello, thank you for your help in disputing issues on my credit reports. I've been very happy with the increase in my scores and am now in the process of refinancing my home mortgage.
Donna H. 10/12/2015
My name is J. Ruiz. I have used your services these past couple months and my goal, thank to your team has been reached. I can now move on with trying to get approval for a loan. Without this service I wouldn't be able to move to this step. Want to thank the whole team that worked with me. It was an easy process and will definitely tell my friends about it.
Jose R. 9/28/2015
As of Sept 3, I reached my goal by being a homeowner again. Thanks to your company's help.
E. Chisolm 09/03/2015
Thank you! It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Lauren T. 9/10/2015
You guys have done great for me! Thank you so much and I cant wait to see what you do next month.
Rikki J. 8/31/2015
I just wanted to share with you some great news! Yesterday my wife and I wrote an offer on our dream home/property, and the sellers accepted! We will now be the proud owners of both of our first homes! We could not have done it without the help and diligence of Get Credit Healthy, and your team of professionals who care about helping others realize their goals. I couldn't be more pleased with the work and effort(s) that have went in to restoring my credit and allowing me to achieve my goal of purchasing a home! The S. Family 7/13/2015
The S. Family
You provide an invaluable service and have been very instrumental in helping to clean up my credit report and raised my credit scores.
Merline L 8/25/15
Katya,  We have been at this about a year now and I feel that we have let everything run its course. I am very happy with your services and appreciate all the help that your company has given me.
Claudio G., Chicago, IL 12-10-14
To you all Get Credit Healthy, thank you for your work on fixing my credit. I am very pleased with it.
Eulice S., Pembroke Pines, FL 12-09-14
Thank you. Great job.
Todd L., Miami, FL 10-09-2014
"It was such a nice surprise getting your phone call and email this morning regarding the increase in my credit score! You exceeded my goal and my expectations, in the time that it took to accomplish this. We’ve only been working with each for a few short months, and the results have been fantastic. You were correct, as were the marketing materials for Get Credit Healthy, regarding how important it is to know what moves your credit rating – up or down. This has been an eye-opening experience, and I will never take good credit for granted again. Thank you for educating me and for using your skills to make a positive difference in my credit score and my ability to secure a loan. I’m well on my way to re-financing my home thanks to you. Now that you have helped me "Get Credit Healthy", I plan to stay credit healthy."
Joyce L., Miami, FL 10-27-14, Joyce L., Miami, FL 10-27-14
"I would first like to thank you for the individualized service I received yesterday, and for taking the time to help me understand your process."
Chermaine W., Sauk Village, IL 06-06-14
"Thanks so much for all your help. I am happy with all the insight and help you gave in building up my credit."
Marsha S., Orlando, FL 05-23-14
"Thank you for doing such an awesome job on our credit."
Mary & John C., Itasca, IL 05-21-14
"I absolutely commend your company for helping me attain my immediate goal."
Lashawn H., Matteson, IL 05-21-14
"Your team did such a great job cleaning up my credit — we were able to secure a mortgage for a home this year (with the lowest possible interest (variable) available to us that day — 4.125%). We closed in February and couldn't have been more pleased. If I do need to fix any credit issues in the future, I know who I'll be calling! Please give my sincere thanks to the rest of your team — you guys were a godsend and we wouldn't have been able to get our house without you."
Scott C., Chicago, IL 05-13-14
"We are very happy with the results and appreciate your services."
Katrina S., Chicago, IL 05-08-14
"You and your team did an amazing job at removing my collections and inaccurate info from my account. Through your program I have learned a lot about future credit management."
Brian G., Orlando, FL 04-23-14
"I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone on the team for all of their hard work. Your work on my credit has been outstanding and I have already referred you to several of my friends. Thank you again."
Corlina S., Fairbanks, AK 04-20-14
"First and foremost, I want to ensure YOU are taken care of. We sincerely appreciate all that YOU have done to help improve our credit rating."
Lonnie A., Hinsdale, IL 04-11-14
"Evelyng has helped me resolve this matter. She is one of the most helpful people I have ever met and I am going to let everyone know that."
Lauris N., Lauderhill, FL 04-11-14
"Now I am completely satisfied with the results. I will definitely recommend your company. Thanks in advance."
Oscar M., Davie, FL 04-07-14
"Thanks for all your help with this and you have done a great job. Looking forward too working with you again later."
Tamela A., Elgin, TX 04-04-14
"Thank you for your great service!"
Billy H., Chicago, IL 03-29-14
"The service and results that I have received from you and your team are excellent and I would highly recommend you to any others in need."
Abdul S., Chicago, IL 03-25-14
"At this time I would like to thank each and everyone that help me try to get to my goal."
Jose R., Chicago, IL 03-25-14
"First of all, we’d like to THANK YOU for the exceptional one on one service you’ve been providing us. We realize we are not your only clients and appreciate everything you have done for us. We were thrown for a loop when we got declined and had a million questions we felt your experience could answer for us."
Sandra & Clark R., Miami, FL 03-20-14
"I am very happy with the work of Get Credit Healthy. They have disputed and fought for my credit relentlessly. Great work team!"
Daniel S., Belle Isle, FL 03-18-14
"Thanks for all of your assistance. I am very pleased with the increase in the credit score that has been achieved to date."
Marlin B., Chicago, IL 03-18-14
"To whom it may concern, I am very satisfied with the professionalism and promptness. Alissa, my credit coach has demonstrated while helping me to bring my credit scores up to a higher level. I just want to thank her and Get Credit Healthy for all the hard work. I will definitely recommend this service to others. Thank you."
Lauris N., Lauderhill, FL 03-18-14
"Thank you for all your help."
Daniel G., Pembroke Pines, FL 03-09-10
"This is the greatest service ever!"
Jen P., Raleigh, NC 03-09-10
"Evelyng of your office took it upon herself to help me figure out what I needed to do to resolve this matter and improve my scores. I was impressed with Evelyng, her willingness to put up with my frustration and attempt to help me. Get Credit Healthy has a valuable employee there and she should be recognized."
Peter A., Miami, FL 03-07-14
"Thanks so much for all your hard work - this is very exciting news!"
Britt C., Denver, Colorado 03-05-14
"Thanks for all your help. You all really helped me a ton."
Nick C., Chicago, IL 02-25-14
"We are so grateful for the help we have received through Get Credit Healthy."
Julia M., Bloomington, IL 02-26-14
"You guys are freaking awesome! Now I'm only a couple points away from being able to apply for a loan. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it."
Vincent H., Columbia, SC 02-21-14
"My husband and I have been working on trying to repair my credit for almost a year. After about 8 months we got it to go up about 40 points, but all the negative stuff was still there. Your company was able to get 95% of all the negative stuff removed and have my credit score jump up another 100+ points in just over 30 days. I’m so grateful for your company and now we can move on with our loan process for our new house. Thanks a million. Well worth every dollar."
Winneferd H., Mansfield, OH 02-21-14
"Thank you so much for your help. You are great and really have a pit bull mentality when it came to getting me my loan."
Lisa C., Plainesville, OH 02-20-14
"Getting in touch with Get Credit Healthy was one of the best things I did last year when my credit score started to go down. Now after a few months, my credit score is going back up slowly but surely. Miss. Carla is very knowledgeable and she coached me of what to do to raise my score. Everyone at the office is very helpful and well informed of everything concerning the credit law and policies. I would recommend anyone to Get Credit Healthy so they can bring their credit back to health."
Marie D., Miami, FL 02-19-14
"Thanks for your help and assistance in improving my credit."
Sunni A., Wheaton, IL 02-14-04
"I testify that Get Credit Healthy taught me how to build and reestablish new credit. They have helped me to clean my credit. They have educated me and I am now debt free. I will be referring a friend to this company. I am very happy with what you guys have done. Thank you very much."
Kim U., Uniondale, NY 02-14-04
"You guys did a great job getting a huge monkey off our back."
Ed S., Morgan Hill, CA 02-11-14
“I appreciate all your help on taking care of this issue I had.”
Timothy B., Phoenix, AZ 12-11-13
“Thank you for all of your hard work and assistance. I believe that we have gone as far as we can go in the repair aspect and now it is on me to start building. Thank you again."
Lemuel D., Lisle, IL 12-11-13
“Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.”
Lonnie A., Miami, FL 12-04-13
“You folks did a great job in getting my credit cleaned up, I really appreciate all of the hard work.”
Richard C., Chicago, IL 11-27-13
“Thank you for all your marvelous service.”
Shawong A., Bedford Park, IL 11-27-13
“By the way, I do have so much to Thank you for, for all the work you have done in order to help me out reestablishing my credit. Thank you so much.”
Hermes R., Miami, FL 11-08-13
“Thank you for helping me clear everything up. I appreciate everything you've done. Thank you so much!”
Bradley R., Escanaba, MI 11-08-13
“Hi, I have gained a large amount from this program and I am ready to stop using your services. Please send me an email when you have a moment. Kind regards, Ted.”
Edward T., Chicago, IL 11-08-13
“You folks did a great job in getting my credit cleaned up, I really appreciate all of the hard work.”
Richard C., Lockport, IL 11-08-13
“GCH has does its magic on bringing my score up more than 50 points. I am happy with my credit score now”
Carmen L., Chicago, IL 11-08-13
“Thank you so much Justo for all your assistance and please thank Katya and Alissa too.”
Maria W., Miami, FL 11-08-13
"The experience so far has been excellent. My credit came back to reality. I have already referred some people to you, I am very satisfied."
James W., Chicago, IL 11-08-13
“Hello, Thank you so very much. I appreciate your teamwork.”
Yanick G., Chicago, IL 11-08-13
"Good Morning, You're company has done an awesome job repairing my credit and I would recommend you to anyone. I realize that Midland Funding on my account is an unpaid bill and I plan on paying that in payments. I have also gotten an Open Sky Card that was recommended to help even more with my credit report. Again, thank you for all your time and effort in cleaning up my credit report. Thank you, Amy"
Amy B., Chicago, IL 11-06-13
“Dear Lyna, I received your nice phone call and I want to tell you how very much I appreciate your truly caring and kind customer service, you see I too am in customer service and each and every day I try to treat each customer as I would want to be treated or how I would want someone close to me to be treated so I truly mean it when I tell you I appreciate your kindness. Thanks, Ronda.”
Ronda B. Chicago, IL 11-06-13
“Superb service!!! The Credit Healthy Team cleaned up my credit in a matter of weeks and were on top of things from start to finish."
Phil C., Chicago, IL 11-05-13
“You guys are doing an excellent job, my credit has increased 60 points!!!. Thank you so much.”
Michelle M., Miami, FL 10-30-13
“Thank you for all your help.”
Myrtha G., Miami, FL 10-30-13
“I wanted to let you know the great news! My home mortgage loan was approved last week. I could not have done this without you. My credit score increased by 40 points over what was required -- definitely exceeding my expectations and that of my lender! Your staff and you were soooo helpful, following up with me at every step of the way to make sure I was doing my part. It was very reassuring during a very tense period of my life. I am forever grateful and hope others can also benefit from your counsel and the ultimate -- a healthy credit score!”
Mara P., Miami, FL 05-15-13
“Superb service! The Credit Healthy Team cleaned up my credit in a matter of weeks and were on top of things from start to finish."
Phil C., Chicago, IL 05-15-13
“By the way, I do have so much to thank you for, for all the work you have done in order to help me out reestablishing my credit. Thank you so much.”
Hermes R., Miami, FL 05-08-13
“Thank you so very much. I appreciate your teamwork!”
Yanick G., Chicago, IL 05-08-13
“Thank you for helping me clear everything up. I appreciate everything you've done. Thank you so much!”
Bradley R., Escanaba, MI 05-01-13
“I am quite excited about this news, It would not be possible without you and the others, all I could say is thank you, keep up the good work."
Emma G., Homestead, FL 05-01-13
“Katya, I just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you and the staff at GCH. My wife and I were looking to purchase a home and we needed to boost our credit up and remove something's as well. I must say the process took less than 6 months and we are officially in our new home. I would definitely recommend GCH to my friends and relatives.... Thank you so much."
Margaret & John, Boynton Beach, FL 04-24-13
“Get Credit Healthy helped me get my life on track! Before joining the program I had really bad credit, high interest rates and couldn’t get approved for a candy bar!!!! I joined the program not knowing what to expect but knew that I had nothing to lose. I had a really good representative who answered all of my questions and explained everything to me step by step. She made sure that all my concerns, questions, and comments were answered and acknowledged! After 75 days into the program, I checked my credit and my score went up 129 points!!! My FICO score was a 494 and after 75 days it jumped to a 623. The best part is that I was able to trade in my car that had a 24% interest rate for two brand new cars with a 7% interest rate with no money down. This would have never been possible without the hard work and dedication from Get Credit Healthy!"
Annette B., Chicago, IL 04-17-13
"I’m happy to share my great experience with your organization and would recommend your service to anyone that isn’t happy with their credit score. After just recently finished a debt settlement program, I felt as though my credit situation was an extreme case. That settlement program got me out of debt, but put months of “over dues”, negative settlements and even court notices on my credit report.

Shortly before joining your program, I tried to get a used car loan. There were options available, but these programs would have cost me thousands of extra dollars over what any car I as looking at was worth. If you go to the right (wrong) place, they will really try to sell you on these programs – made especially for “people like you”. I wanted and needed a new car, but luckily not desperately – I held out.

I also wanted to refinance my mortgage, because rates had come down significantly since I had purchased my home – I spoke with a few mortgage specialists and they basically said they couldn’t help me – not with my credit.

I joined your program and saw my score climb month-to-month. The correspondence between you and the credit bureaus flowed through my mailbox. I knew I was doing the right thing because I knew I would have never had the time, patience or discipline to do what your organization was doing – even if I knew how – (but especially because I saw my credit score climbing each month.)

Less than a year later, I knew my score was good enough to contact my mortgage company about a refinance. I called and by the end of the conversation my refinance was in process. About 30 days later I was saving $800/month on my mortgage – and when I wrote the check for that next mortgage payment, your program had paid for itself.

I also recently finance a truck. It was a non-event and I got a preferred rate. The salespersons only comment on my credit this time was, “it sure pays to have good credit, doesn’t it?”

Thanks again!

Adam A., Strafford, NH 04-17-13
“First of all, I’d like to say thank-you for your help in rebuilding my credit over the last year. 

Unfortunately, I was one of those people who was not educated about how credit works or how important is to really work for good credit.  I fell into all the traps.  Credit card offers came in, and I accepted.  And then there was store credit cards, “Apply today and receive 15% off you purchases all day.”  Buy what you want today and worry about the cost later.  I was earning enough to cover the minimums, but there was no room to save.  And sometimes, I would have to gauge the time the payments were made with my pay check or vice versa just to make sure everything was covered.  Many times, I was charged overdraft fees by my bank because I did not time the payments right.

And then I changed jobs.  I left a great paying job I had outgrown for a lower paying job with more challenges and which was more rewarding.  I had realized a long-time dream.  Even though some of my expenses were lower, the lower salary did not allow me to make rent, pay the electric and water bill, buy groceries AND make the minimum payments on the credit I already had outstanding.  Every pay day, there was always the question, which company do I pay this time.  I now realized that paying the minimums would never get me out of debt, even if I could make all the minimums.  The phone calls started coming.  One collection agency had me in tears and threatened a civil law suit if I didn’t pay them immediately money I did not have.  I was able to work out an agreement to pay them, but my roommate had to cover the rent for the next two months and my phone got shut off until I could pay the bill.  But it didn’t stop there.  The collection companies found my work phone and began calling me there.  One of my co-workers who sat in the cubicle next to mine overheard one of the calls and told me that I could tell them not to call me at work, and they would have to stop calling me.  I was so embarrassed.  One company had even filed a law suit to garnish my wages.  I avoided calls to my phone, not picking up calls from numbers I did not know; letting it go to voice mail, then calling back if it was not a collection agency.  This went on for some time.  I had hoped I could get an unsecured loan with a lower interest rate to pay back the debt with a monthly payment plan I could afford.  But by this time, my credit was so flawed, this was impossible.

  A very dear friend of mine told me about Get Credit Healthy and they helped her to lower her monthly payments.  She suggested I call, which I did.  After speaking with Ms. Malloy, I felt reassured and hopeful.  She explained the process and how she could help me.  I followed her instructions and a year later, I’m getting credit card offers in the mail again (which I promptly shred).  I have a credit card recommended by her, which I now diligently pay on time.  Ms. Malloy has also given me the information and tools to improve my credit even more and a better understanding of how credit works.  The phone calls have stopped.  I’m actually hopeful to be able to buy a house one day.”
Pat G., Key Largo, FL 04-10-13
“I am extremely pleased with the results accomplished through credit healthy.  Four months ago my credit score was below 600. Once Get Credit Healthy got involved, within a month my score went up to mid-600's. I am very pleased with the professionalism and knowledge of the credit healthy team. They truly work so hard, FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS, to get the credit scores to the highest number possible, and within the least amount of time. They follow up regularly and advise of the status.  Now, four months later, I got approved for a conventional mortgage loan….all thanks to Get Credit Healthy. Thank you for all the help.”
Adriana J., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 04-03-13
“Get Credit Healthy is fantastic! You provided a great service, followed up on my stuff, and attended to my needs.”
Jose R., Miami, FL, 04-03-13
You guys have helped me greatly.  I am very happy with the results.  I will definitely refer you to other people.
Olivia M., Boca Raton, FL, 03-20-13
Thank you all so very much for your assistance in our credit situation. We are on the right track now. Thanks again.
Joe D. & Laura D., Natalia, TX, 03-20-13
  Sylvia Q The decision to return to school after 12 years was not an easy one. Fortunately, with the help of GCH, I was able to put a plan together that would not only afford me tuition, but also save my family and I precious dollars in interest. In the end, I was able to pursue my passion and excel academically. I can't imagine having to go through this process without GCH's voice to guide me. I would highly recommend their services to others - peace of mind is priceless!
Sylvia Quinn Cordes
Sylvia Q., Miami, FL 03-19-13
Ramiro G   Lyna and GCH have helped me increase the status of my credit and scores. Having Lyna and GCH at my fingertips either sending and email or calling them is like having a personal coach at all times. Thank you!" If I had to grade Lyna I would give her a big A! Now I can go get the car and job of my dreams.
Ramiro G., Doral, FL 03-19-13
Helena G I started with GCH in November and I can honestly say that it was the best decision of my life. I was referred to them by my mortgage broker so that they could assist me with raising my credit score in order to buy a house. My contact, Lyna Malloy, has been nothing short of awesome. She answers all of my questions and provides me with all the information that I need. I have used several credit repair agencies before, but GCH and Lyna are the real deal. I am excited because I will be moving into my brand new home this summer! Thanks Lyna and GCH! I could not have done it without you.
Helena G, Aurora, IL, 03-19-13
“You guys don't fool around. You did what you said you were going to do and I appreciate that.”
Clyde M., Richmond, VA, 03-13-13
“I am so please with everything you guys have done for my credit and I really appreciate it.”
Zahra R., Staten Island, NY, 03-13-13
Denis D. shares with us how his experience has been so far in the Get Credit Healthy program. 03-06-13
Denis D., 03-06-13
Joe D. shares his experience on working with Get Credit Healthy. 03-06-13
Joe D., 03-06-13
“I heard about the company from my brother, and you guys did great for him so now I’m giving it a try to get credit healthy and have a lot of opportunities in life.”
Denis D., Tampa, FL 03-06-13
“Thank you very much for all your assistance and expertise!”
Sheila S., Elgin, IL 03-06-13
“Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help!”
Mark B. Miami, FL 02-20-13
“I wanted to let you know that we've cleared up all the disputes. Many thanks to Katya as she was extremely helpful and patient with me. I appreciate your help and professionalism.”
Frank P., Miramar, FL 02-20-13
“I am very happy with the support and service. It's great to be able to reach a counselor at any time. I feel confident that my credit needs are being handled under a proactive and knowledgeable staff. Thank you for all the help so far.”
Jose B., Pembroke Pines, FL 02-13-13
“Thank you so much for everything you have done!”
Jaime L., Overland Park, KS 02-13-13
“Thank you for handling my case so efficiently.”
Fatima T., Miami Springs, FL 02-06-13
“Thank you Get Credit Healthy for helping me with my credit!”
David B., Ft. Pierce, FL 1-31-2013
Julio M. Miami, FL 12-12-12
Philipe Trouqet This was a very good solution for me. They explain their system to get credit healthy. That was very important.
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