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Who wants more money? Silly question? Smart answer, I do!

We are looking for marketers and business entrepreneurs to join us in one of the fastest growing businesses in America today: Credit Coaching–a service that everyone needs and wants. 80 Million Americans have difficulty in obtaining any kind of credit. Why? Mostly because of human error. These are mistakes that most don’t know about–mistakes that once corrected can help raise one’s credit score and bring peace of mind.


Featured on MSNBC, Fox News, NBC and articles in different print media, our message has always been the same: At Get Credit Healthy, We Make It Easy.

As our Resellers:

Start your business with a minimal investment and begin receiving commission payments within your first month. Enjoy the freedom to choose how to spend your time and pursue your financial dreams as a GCH reseller. Our Independent Resellers have changed their lives and the lives of others through GCH business opportunity. And you can too! Our resellers can be individuals or corporations that work part-time, full-time, or any time and earn a rewarding income. It’s completely up to you, as we offer two levels of opportunity.

Level 1: Launch your own marketing and educational business as a MARKETER.

Level 2: Launch your own marketing and educational business as an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, and create the success you deserve.


  • A generous compensation plan
  • Impressive training
  • Services and products that change lives forever
  • A proven business model

Learn more from our empowered community of entrepreneurs about how they have earned money working with Get Credit Healthy. It’s Easy! You’ll share life changing services and products and a fantastic financial opportunity with others. You can start your own business with a minimal investment and begin receiving commission payments within your first month. Enjoy the freedom to choose how to spend your time and pursue your financial dreams as a GCH reseller. Additionally, each reseller can increase his/her involvement in the business and enjoy the possibility of higher levels of income simply by offering the opportunity to others. Bet you already know family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, people you can introduce to our services while helping them build a better life and enjoy peace of mind.

For more information on GCH opportunities, fill out the form below and one of our associates will be in contact within 24-48 hours of the next business day. Join us NOW…

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Why the GCH Opportunity:

  • Industry-leading lucrative compensation plan
  • Earn income through referral bonuses
  • Residual income from satisfied customers experiencing ongoing success
  • Highly effective system-based service developed to meet consumer needs
  • Exclusive, high-demand service/products that have helped hundreds of thousands of Americans
  • Satisfied customers provide referrals for results-based services and educational products.
  • Development of innovative, effective products under the guidance of our certified Leadership
  • A World-class company with visionary leadership to support your business
  • Executives, distributor leadership and employees working to further the company’s mission, vision and values, for future growth.
  • GCH’s mission for financial well-being helps millions of people reach their goals, and earn what they’re worth.
  • Step-by-step Training Programs that assist you in starting your own business and expanding locally, nationally and internationally
  • Training that supports growing your business: reseller calls and events, advanced marketing materials and tools, a helpful, easy-to-use Resellers website.
  • An opportunity to take charge of your life by learning the skills that can help you run a successful and profitable business.
  • Simple, easy-to-duplicate business programs that are continually redeveloped and refined.
  • Support that requires the application of the highest standards of business ethics, conduct and accountability to all GCH Resellers.


Why GCH? Because we are committed to empowering you to live a healthier, financially prosperous life.