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Here are 10 important ways to strategically plan your credit ascent.

1. Obtain a copy of your free credit report. Click here:
2. Review the details of your credit report every 6 months. Question erroneous information.
3. Know your credit scores before making any major purchases. Once a year click here: . Many sites provide “simulated” scores. Obtain your actual FICO Credit Score
4. Pay every bill on time. Set up automatic payments if you must.
5. Don’t be quick to pay charge off accounts. That action could lower your score. Check with your coach first.
6. Don’t close credit cards for the sole purpose of raising your score.
7. Use only 30% of the credit limit on each credit card you have. Check the information on your billing statement. That is where your credit utilization is determined.
8. Your Credit Score is “re-calculated” each time it is requested. Your score does not automatically change with each transaction. Change is reflected only when a request is made by you, a lender, or a business requests it.
9. If you are being harassed by collections agencies, you have the right to tell the caller that they must STOP MAKING HARRASSING PHONE CALLS. Order them to SEND EVERYTHING IN WRITING THROUGH THE MAIL.
10. Good credit starts at a 680 FICO score. Ask your coach for a recommendation as to how you can get to the GREAT CREDIT ZONE.
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