Is credit holding you back  from reaching your financial goals? GCH can help you overcome these obstacles and get you to where you want to be.

Credit Coaching

One-to-one coaching to help achieve your financial goals

  • We help you improve credit scores
  • Gain greater purchasing power
  • Receive lower interest rates
  • Have the ability to purchase car or home of your dreams
  • Increase savings
  • Find the ability to invest in your financial future
  • Gain peace of mind

You’ll have access to:

  • Receive an actual credit score every month from Experian, with credit monitoring
  • Dispute up to two inaccuracies on your credit per month
  • Access to the members-only online portal to manage profiles, receive updates, and track progress
  • Telecheck & Check system resolutions
  • Exclusive access to live webinars and workshops
  • On-Demand access to all recorded webinars and workshops
  • Designated office hours to call live credit coaches who are standing by to answer any questions plus real time support via online chat
  • Access to a wealth of educational resources and tools

Once you enroll in one of our programs, you are immediately paired with one of our experienced credit coaches, who performs a comprehensive analysis of your financial and credit history before providing an in-depth explanation as to how past decisions led your current position. The credit coach will then become intimately familiar with your needs and goals to devise a customized plan of action.

Identity Theft Protection

  • $1M Infiltration Insurance Policy Guaranty Coverage
  • Full Service Identity Theft Restoration Support
  • ID Theft Protection Resource Center
  • Lost Wallet Assistance
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Digital Defense

*Discounted price for GCH members


Interactive membership tool to give consumers, bankers, financial planners, and municipalities the opportunity to understand how credit can work for them and provide the needed education to reach credit & financial health.


ID Theft Protection & Credit Monitoring

The individual benefits included in the Credit Monitoring Program are as follows:

  • Identity Validation – Members will undergo a validation process to confirm their identity prior to accessing credit data.
  • Full Access to Credit Reports – Members have access to tri-bureau and single bureau credit reports through the secure membership site. All reports obtained through the member site will be available for the life of their membership.
  •  Score Tracker – Our credit score tracker provides members with a clear and concise view of their credit score history over the lifetime of their membership.
  • Score Simulator – The credit score simulator provides members with a tool to determine how their score may change based on hypothetical events, such as opening a new line of credit or paying off a loan.
  • Resource Center – Credit Monitoring solution offers resources, such as articles, news and financial calculators to help educate members on the importance of a healthy credit record and how they can recover in the event fraud occurs.

*Discounted price for GCH members