Help your clients increase their disposable income so they can save more and worry less.

Many people seeking financial advice are so caught up in preparing for future eventualities they forget to address past problems, which often linger for years. There is currently $13.15 Trillion worth of household debt in this country which, if not properly addressed, will often prove to be a major hurdle when planning for the future.

Get Credit Healthy has built a fully integrative platform through which clients may be referred to non-profit partners that specialize in alleviating this type of financial strain. Our partners will customize and implement comprehensive strategies that have been proven to eliminate debt, raise FICO scores, and provide the financial education that every American consumer should have.*

*Past performance has shown that the methodology works, but results vary from person to person de-pending on credit and financial histories. Neither Get Credit Healthy nor its partners can make any guarantee about the outcome of their programs.

Significant Benefits

Once your clients enroll in one of our programs, they are immediately paired with one of our experienced credit coaches, who performs a comprehensive analysis of a consumer’s financial and credit history before providing an in-depth explanation as to how past decisions led the consumer to his or her current position. The credit coach will then become intimately familiar with the needs and goals of that consumer to devise a customized plan of action to help your clients:

  • Improve credit profile and scores
  • Gain greater purchasing power
  • Receive lower interest rates
  • Have the ability to purchase car or home of your dreams
  • Increase savings
  • Have the ability to invest in financial future
  • Gain peace of mind

Powerful resources

Your clients have access to:

  • Receive an actual credit score every month from Experian, with credit monitoring
  • Work exclusively with a credit coach and receive one on one guidance
  • Dispute up to two inaccuracies on your credit per month
  • Access to the members-only online portal to manage profiles, receive updates, and track progress
  • Exclusive access to live webinars and workshops
  • On-Demand access to all recorded webinars and workshops
  • Designated office hours to call live credit coaches who are standing by to answer any questions. Real time support via online chat
  • Access to a wealth of educational resources and tools
  • Telecheck & Check system resolutions

Why Work With Us?

  • Over 10 years of Credit Coaching Excellence
  • Experienced Credit Coaches
  • Proven Method of Success
  • Best In Class Credit Educator
  • SBA Endorsed
  • Consumer Reporting Agency Compliant
  • Industry Leading Customer Support